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New Hood In The Making

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Dear cyber friends & associates

I come before you in these critical times and ask once again for those of you who are serious about working with me directly to make your self known by sending me a message to my inbox on what ever social network we are friends on. Myspace, Facebook, Tagged etc… I’m trying as hard as I can to encourage others across cyberspace to join my cause. I wrote my story in order to move beyond cyberspace to recruit others from across America and overseas that want to be part of my administrative team to come to Chicago and work with me and my attorney to start the process of getting my organization up and running. I provide most of the sites below not to brag how popular I am online but instead how committed I am about trying to create legitimate employment in the hood, working directly with the poor that are trapped in American ghettos, and trying to start a new political party in Black America. It’s not my fault if people don’t join my cause they have free will. Once my organization is up and running in every major city we will end taxation. We will change the outcome of black men going to prison. We will end gun violence in America; structural inequality in America; and poverty once and for all. I can’t lead this movement without others working with me at management level. There is nothing more I can do to get others to work with me accept keep on spreading my message and praying that The Lord would allow me to interact with others that understand my vision for Black America and America in general.

I call upon  all my Christian friends & associates I am still waiting on you all to join my organization after all it was the black churches that started the Civil Rights Movement.  I call upon all my Muslims friends & associates to join my organization too after all you are part of the black community and you were with us during the Civil Rights Movement.  Finally I call upon all my Secular friends & associates my organization is open to you as well. My spiritual component is optional that’s between you & your creator my task is to recruit the best & brightest people to help me run this organization & make it effective. I suggest that you read my story and if you agree make yourself known by sending me a friend request to my Facebook Along with your first name and your email or contact number to speak with me directly.

Attn: Those with experience in Administrative personnel & Investors come to Chicago to assist me in making my vision into a reality. To my foreign friends in Africa & the Caribbeans tell your countrymen about me and ask them to join my cause in order for us to do international partnership in time.

The most frequently ask questoin is How can I join your organization? It’s simple first read my story & if you agree with the principles then send me your email or contact number & I will speak with you directly. I am currently looking for place of business in da hood. I also have online groups you can join for free
My Online Groups these are just a few I have many others (Show & Prove)