(Sad Day In Black America)

Today, the justice system just proves that “men of african descent” are worthless to this nation. Yes, there is a black man in the White House but in the streets of America we can still be killed and most likely the killer will not be charge. We are face with Racism and self-hatred. Lord give us the strength to mobilize and touch the hearts and minds of each person on my friends list to read my story and join my cause so that I can move from behind a computer and start a new movement in Black America. This Zimmerman trial, just proves we have more work to do. Many think with President Obama we’ve “ARRIVED.” He may be legally free here on earth, but God deals with situations better than our legal system. Has I mentioned in my book that Michael Vick went to prison for dog fights, but Zimmerman walked free after killing a young blackman with only skittles in his hand. I am severely disappointed with our Criminal Justice system and I have no idea how a jury was able to find him not guilty no idea at all. Our spiritual community have a responsibility to plant our feet deep in the earth & wake up to what’s happening around us. Animal rights is fine but a Black man in America should have a at LEAST the same if not more value. George Zimmerman killed a CHILD based off of assumption and profiling and goes scott free. America has more respect for animals than they do for our children. Racism was a factor when someone can use do racial profile, stalk, shoot and kill an innocent child and get a free pass makes no sense. Trayvon Martin has become new the Emmit Till in our generation. I pray that our people will behave themselves and not burn and loot up our communities and cities we’re much bigger than that but there’s no way in HELL that America can continue to treat our people this way. Once I am able to find others who are brave enough and smart enough to assist me in starting my organization we will creator our own court system which will be compatible with the dominant culture I explain in full in my book. I feel so sad for Trayvon Martin’s parents and family. Justice was not served. My heart is heavy tonight. Going to leave it in God’s hands and pray for the Martin family.


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