(Attention all of my African Sistah’s)

Be very careful  who you bring your child around especially in this day and age.  If my organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement was up and running people like Joseph Patterson would not have the luxury to go to prison and live off of tax payers for free room and board, free healthcare, and three meals a day. This only creates money within the penal system. Under our political component we would have support of the community to create our own laws which will be compatible with the dominant culture. We would have those who murder our children and any of our citizens that are found  guilty in the court of law. Then they would be strip of their U.S. citizenship and deported to Antarctica. We would do this in a humane way by building them a large shelter but they would have to hunt for their own food. If people can’t act civilized but instead like savages then they should be removed from our society this include Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist. But if I am unable to get GRCAM started then these senseless violence will continue in our society. Real Christian Socialist on the scene


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