(The Lack OF Unity In Black America)

I have send out an invitation to every person on my friends list on Facebook alone 3,000 plus people but only 24 people have responded to me and you ask me what’s taken me so long to get my business started? All I ask is for those of you who are in a position to purchase my book to do so and read my story. If you agree with my plan on improving Urban America join one of my groups and keep the lines of communication open with me. Once I am able to get 30 people on my team and we find a place of business in Chicago those of you who have been keeping the lines of communication open with me via email, voice chat, or video chat I will allow you to come in person and promote your business or ministry for three months free of charge. I am especially requesting all of my Christian friends and associates to read my book and work with me until I am able to get GRCAM started don’t wait until I die to embrace my vision I want to move from behind a computer but this is where I can promote my book since a lot of churches in my city refuse to allow me to speak to their congregation. I lacked rental space from black capitalist in 2010 from my former community. I refuse to become a martyr to people that careless about our own racial group. In my organization I will only work with those who want and need our services most of all to people that will accept all of the principles in my book and will be willing to become un-Americanized. This Willie Lynch Mentality will be dealt with in my organization and I will only hire those under my leadership. This is why GRCAM will be a private organization and this is why I am only going to focus on 25 cities within 25 states before we expand abroad to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands.  Ordinary citizens continue to sit back and just complain about the issues and wait on the government to solve everything. I remember reading about how our people fight and died just to have the right to vote. Today black people are so divided we can’t agree on nothing. I decided to do something about this by starting GRCAM but as bad as I want to move my virtual organization from behind a computer I lack support from my own people. I wrote out my plan on how my organization will end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality within the communities and cities we will serve but my book is barely selling what a brother is suppose to do? I can only continue to push my vision and promote my book until I am able to find brave and smart people to work with me directly in Chicago to turn my vision into a reality 22 years and still waiting. Real Christian Socialist Online

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