(Trying To Blow Up)

To all of my friends and associates as well as all of my group members from around the U.S. I want to personally wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful to interact with you all, and I just wanted to take t…his moment to show love to all my supporters online peace & blessings.  Don’t forget when you have a moment look into getting my book and also joining my free online groups to promote your businesses or your ministries.  If I was in business today I would hire as many people that I can so that we can all come up and be productive citizens. My one book is just the beginning I also plan on turning my book into a movie and allowing those of you who are in my groups and who have been keeping the lines of communication open with me to be in my films, plays, and work within my organization. I will be seeking actors/actresses, models, and undiscovered artists to show the world your talent and skills this is what my organization is all about turning dreams into reality. Here’s one of my favorite websites I use to promote my virtual community/online groups. Real Christian Socialist Online
My Book Link on Amazon.com
My Organization GRCAM

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