My Prayer Group

Light OF The World Inspirational Group has one goal: Reclaiming our communities for the Kingdom!
The sole purpose of L.O.T.W.I.G is to assist our brothers and sisters who have been brush off by society. Whether a person has struggles with alcohol, drugs, whatever they need to know that Jesus saves people who are hurting and need help. Our directive is to be on the front-line. We are His people! We are His Hands, Feet, Arms and Legs. Together, we can show others by ‘our love example’ and direct them to the Lord. Our inner city communities are living without purpose or hope because of life situations. We have children willing to sacrifice their lives just to be in the drug game or a street gang.
L.O.T.W.I.G is an evangelism ministry which is the spiritual component to the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement which enabling us to incorporate all areas of Christian ministry to meet the needs of God’s people. Light OF The World Inspirational Group is a spin off of Dr. King’s “Poor People’s March.” L.O.T.W.I.G has been given the authority by the Word of God to:
•Pull down strongholds in prayer so the Word of God can go forth.
•Win souls for the kingdom
•Fast and pray to reclaim our families, our communities, and our schools from demonic forces
•Minister to those who are lost and are hurting
•Teach those who want to know more about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our witness forever equipped and encouraged! While taking our place on the front line.
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