Educating Black Christians

First for all this is what my creator has given me to do.  We’re not seeking an  independent government just an independent political party that will focus on changing the current gun laws. For example in the state of Florida the stand your ground law is racist in all aspects remember the Trayvon Martin trial. Secondly during the Civil Rights Movement Christians and Muslims had to work together for social change which affected our people in the south called Jim Crow or institutionalized racism. GRCAM is open to all law abiding citizens and all racial groups. Our focus is on ending gun violence in our inner cities point blink. This is why it’s taken me so long to start my organization because our people are disconnected.
I refuse to take out a business loan and end up in debt because I am unable to have a successful business within the low income African American Community. That’s God job to change people spiritual believe not ours. The Black Church have embrace gay people in the church but refuse to accept others spiritual beliefs.  I know a lot of our own people want to see me fail at starting this organization it can only come about if Black America want it to. We see ain’t nothing current out here is working to end gun violence in America all I ask is that you purchase my book and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my plan/vision on improving our inner cities then help me turn my vision into a reality by helping get my book on the best seller’s list and also those of you with experience in film making let’s turn my book into a movie so that I can generate the capital I need to do all of the things I have written in my book.
My Book Link on
My Organization GRCAM

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