(Help Spread My Book Information)

Even if you are unable to attend my free online conference on Friday,  you can still share my book information by posting my conference link on your Facebook wall. You can also share my book information with your family; friends ; associates; spiritual leaders; your school (college/university) your place of worship church or mosque so that I can eventually move my virtual organization from behind a PC you feel me?

+ What is the purpose of your book?

The purpose for my book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition is for me to generate capital instead of me taking out a business loan. I also want to offer incentives to thirty talented individuals within the state of Illinois or beyond who have read my book and agree with my plan on improving Urban America, for them to come to Chicago and work with me directly in starting my private for profit service base business GRCAM. I also want to unite reasonable brothers, sisters, and others, to take a stand and solve our social issues once and for all. Our agenda is to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality within the communities and cities we will serve. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will solve our social problems such as institutionalized racism, structural inequality, and police brutality instead of reacting or complaining about these issues which has been going on since the Civil Rights Era. Our motto will be one mind, one voice, one accord.

+ What do you want from those on your friends list?

I want every person on my friends list to purchase and read my story. Those of you who agree with my plan/vision on improving Urban America I will allow you to join my free online social groups, you can promote your business/ministry and network with my supporters from around the globe. Once I have my team in place and we find a place of business you are welcome to come to Chicago and meet me in person and meet our clients and members. As well as to promote your business/ministry for three months free of charge. But you have to keep the lines of communication open with me and you also have to purchase my book this is all I ask. I also encourage you to spread my book information, my Youtube videos, and my organization website to your family; friends; associates; spiritual leaders; and anyone else who are concerned about black issues.

+ What makes your organization different from other black organizations?

We will be using my book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition as the foundation for this organization. This organization is a spin off from Dr. King’s “Poor People’s March.” What set apart my organization from those that currently exist is that our focus on the Black Family and also to provide basic services to the low income African American Community. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will be a private for profit service base business. It will have three main components a social service component, a spiritual component, and a political component. Our focus is on strengthening single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families that want and need our services. We will provide goods and services to our clients and members and provide private employment within the organization pending on our budget and sponsorship. Most of all we will confront the Willie Lynch Mentality which is holding us back as a racial group. I want to make Chicago a model for other cities around the country. I am only focusing on 25 cities because of 22 years of rejection by established black organizations in my city. Once we’re established in 25 cities within 25 states I plan to expand my organization abroad to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands to people that want and need our services. The reason why I decided to make this a private organization is to cut through all of the red tape and start focusing on black issues and what matters to us. I will only be working with those who are in agree with the principles in my book. My organization is open to all ordinary law abiding citizens, and all racial groups but everyone must agree with all of the principles in my book no exceptions. This is my contribution back to my community and throughout the African Diaspora. Real Christian Socialist Online

Some of you have not added my Yahoo email address. Instructions on how to gain access to me on Yahoo Messenger. If you have a webcam you can see me live on video chat or we can just chat live on voice chat.
1. Go to Yahoo Messenger, login
2. Move your cursor to the top of the page and select contacts then add my Yahoo email address (preyonline@yahoo.com) to your contact list.
3. I will then send you an invite, all you need to do then is accept me and move your cursor to the top of the page and select actions and then select voice call or video call on your upper left side of your computer screen.

My conference link


My Book Link on Amazon.com


My Web Journal


My Organization GRCAM



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