The Solution For Black America:

Some people misinterpret my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghetto’s. My purpose of creating my virtual organization (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is to unite reasonable brothers, sisters, and others across the United States and throughout the world. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will take the lead in starting the second Reconstruction in Black America. I wrote my book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition to first raise awareness about the genocide that is taken place within our inner cities starting in Chicago. Face it our leaders have failed us and if this trend continues our inner cities will disappear.

My book is an interactive book meaning you can chat with me live in real time if you are one of my group members on Facebook, Google Plus, or Yahoo. You will also have access to my supporters from around the globe because I listed my website and my web journal in my book. I want my supporters to help me move my virtual organization from behind a computer into the various communities I discuss in my book.

One of the goals for my book is for me to generate capital from my book sell in order for me to offer an incentive to thirty talented individuals within the state of Illinois or beyond who have read my book and agree with my plan/vision on improving Urban America, for those individuals to contact me and for them to come to Chicago and work with me directly in starting this organization on the Westside of Chicago. Once we’re established on the Westside we will then expand to the Southside of Chicago.  Our private school the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be both educational and recreational as I have mentioned in my book.

We will have community residents to become equal partners with us to improve the community through our political component which will advocate for our community as a whole for better lighting and installation of   security cameras around our facility. This will help improve community safety. We will also look into a viable space for future retail or business development, thus creating an anchor for revitalization and economic development on the Westside and on the Southside neighborhood before we expand to twenty other cities within twenty five states. Once we’re established in twenty five states I plan on expanding my organization abroad to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands to people that want and need our services. we will offer private employment within my organization to our clients and members based on our budget and our sponsorship. We will also provide agricultural technology to help feed our people in need of food.

* Enhanced Neighborhood Presence:

We would also work on improving the environment for our children and their families by making this organization family friendly. I discuss this more in the book.

Call for Artists:

As I mentioned in my book and on my blogs/journals we welcome undiscovered artist. We will be commissioning and installing new artwork to further enhance the community we will serve. Original artwork adds value not only to our community and the surrounding communities, but also to tourist. Expanding our collection of permanent art is a valuable investment for our organization and the neighborhoods we will serve. A Call for Artists on my friends list is a way for me to commission public artist to connect with me once I am able to start my organization. Artists interested in receiving notices from me should purchase my book and keep the lines of communication open with me.

I encourage all of my supporters to stay connected with me by joining my social groups. I created social groups so that my supporters can be connected with me and with one another from around the globe. Those of you who have been working with me behind the scene I will openly reward you by giving you a chance to come to Chicago and meet and greet our clients and members in person once I have my team in place (thirty people) and we find a place of business in Chicago so that you can promote your business/ministry in person for free for three months. I will also give everyone on my friends list a chance to be in my upcoming plays, my films, or to participate in our talent shows, and fund raising parties at local events just as long as you are keeping the lines of communication open with me and if you can prove that you have purchased my book. I want to make this a meaningful experience with everyone who connect with me so many fake people online I am an authentic urban author and upcoming social entrepreneur. I only want to speak with those who are in agreement with my cause anyone that careless about my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghetto’s will have no place within my organization or in my life. I refuse to kiss up,  lick up, or bow to another to work with me for those persons will die just like me. Those on my friends list who don’t like my cause delete me  off your friends list we can remain strangers for life.
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