(How Many More Children Have To Die Before My Plan Is Taken Seriously?)

If I could I would start GRCAM today but again without the manpower and the capital to start a positive organization which will help prevent cases like this then these same social problems will continue. We can spend our money at the movies, social events, on fast food, and for the latest fashion but to invest in an organization to work within the black community and for the black family I barely get the support I need to move my organization from behind a computer. All of these brothers and sisters see what I post on my blogs day in day out. But for me to get 30 people in my city to help me run GRCAM and try to end urban violence within our community by both Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist I am unable to find ten people in my city but Chicago remains the murder capital in America. I ask not for any donations all I ask is that you read my story and if you agree work with me directly until I am able to get this organization off the ground. Twenty two years and still I am unable to gather a team to help me help our people Lord have mercy on my racial group and bless me with the capital so that I can do everything you have placed in my heart to improve Urban America in Jesus name!



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