(Our Black Leaders Has Failed Us It’s Time For New Leadership)

I understand the frustration what our young people are going through  after the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. He was an unarmed 18-year-old black male who was shot by a Ferguson police. These senseless murders are taken place in Chicago and nationwide on a weekly basis and still our black leaders have no plan to end senseless violence. In order for me to do my job to help improve Urban America I need the manpower. Twenty two years of my life I’ve been doing my best to reach out to reasonable brothers, sisters, and others online and offline. This was the main reason why I wrote my book in order to get my message out to the general public in hopes of starting a new which will focus on creating our own laws in getting them on the books with the help of the community. We will teach our clients and members about using constructive protest because looting will only give Rogue Cops an excuse to kill even more blacks.

It saddens me that I am unable to find ten people in my city to work with me in getting this organization started. One of my close friends who actually lives in Ferguson, Missouri told me that people from beyond her community is coming their looting and destroying her community which is doing a disservice to brother Michael Brown. In closing, Lord touch the hearts and minds of my people and bring forth those who will help me turn my vision into a reality so that our young people and grow up and become productive citizens in the community. Remove those on my friends list who only want to be seen and come around me when my organization is up and running. Allow GRCAM to raise up a new generation of responsible black men and women and let us distance ourselves from those who want to harm our community in Jesus name!


My Book Link on Amazon.com for $22.47 plus tax


My Cause: (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos)



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