(Those OF You On My Friends List Who Care About Black Life Then Work With Me in Getting GRCAM Up And Running In America)

Don’t wait until I am dead to embrace my vision to improve Urban America work with me while I still have some fire left in me. If only I had the same kind of support from the African American Community that President Barack Obama had during this election campaign in 2007 then my organization would be up and running in twenty five cities within twenty states. Such incidents like Ferguson would immediately be dealt with by the local community because the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement, would have the backing of the community and we would have protocol in place based on what I have written in my book.

Twenty two years of my life I have been trying to find others online and offline to work with me in getting this badly needed organization up and running first in my city which is the murder capital in America but sadly no established black organizations in my city are willing to work with me and I also lack support from my black churches in my community which lead me to write and publish my story.The reason why I stress my book is because it is the foundation of my organization. Unlike past organizations during the Civil Rights Era in which many people volunteered today many of our people have become Americanized and they want to be paid before they do anything this is another reason why I chose to make my organization private because if I am going to pay people to work for me then I want qualified people to be on my team.

Since I lack the manpower and the capital to move my virtual organization from behind a computer all I have is my story and story which is worth sharing. I provide something that no black American leader has which is a plan to end urban violence in America if given a chance. I need my team in place first those will be people who have read my book and agree with my plan to improve Urban America and if they have to skills which I mention in my book then my advisory board members and I will conduct a background check before welcoming them on board. GRCAM is a new system given to me to share with those who understand kingdom principles and want to be a part of this new movement.

My organization is open to all law abiding citizens, all racial groups, and undiscovered artist. Anyone who disagree with my plan to improve Urban or carless about my cause which is Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos will not be allow to join my organization. GRCAM will introduce to the world a new strategy for resisting evil without creating new evils or becoming evil ourselves. But more importantly, the vision my creator has given me to share with Black America and with the world is a new way of thinking that yields a vision of peace more powerful than any army. GRCAM is about building a strong unified global community and providing basic resources, providing private employment within the organization to communities and families that want and need our services. This is my contribution back to my community and throughout the African Diaspora. Real Christian Socialist Online.

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