(What Is The Solution To End Urban Violence In America?)

New Urban Author Mr. Emmanuel Barbee has provided a detail road map on how his organization (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will end urban violence, gun violence, poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the communities and cities they will serve if given a chance. “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition is an auto-biography about Mr. Emmanuel Barbee’s life experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago. He wrote this book for three reasons: one reason is to raise awareness about the genocide which is taken place within our inner cities in America.

Another reason why he wrote this book is to promote my organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. GRCAM will be a private for profit service based business. It will have three main components: a social service component, a spiritual component, and a political component. The focus is on providing goods and services to the low income African American communities and working directly with single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families within the communities and cities they will serve.
Finally, he wrote this book in order to generate capital/seed money so that he can hire thirty individuals within the state of Illinois or beyond who have read his book and agree with his plan to improve Urban America, for those individuals to make themselves known to him by contacting him via email or on Skype. After his advisory board members complete a background check he will ask those persons to come to Chicago and work with him directly in getting his organization up and running. He wants to make Chicago a model first before they expand to 25 cities within 25 states.

Once he is able to generate enough capital from his book proceeds then he will start his private school the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute OF Arts and Entertainment which will focus on giving our youth a chance to express their natural talents by creating our own films, plays, and music. We will also teach our students about economics, history, politics, religion, and life skills. We will teach our students how to start and run a business, how to write a business plan and apply for a business loan which will put an end to the crises in our inner cities. One community, one city, and one state at a time. The states we will focus on are as follows: Alabama; Arkansas; California; Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Maryland; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; North Carolina; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; Tennessee; Virginia; Washington; and Wisconsin.

The idea here is for us to unite other social entrepreneurs like me to help our students advertise, promote and grow their start up businesses and provide them with the resources to succeed in their business endeavors. This would allow me to create legitimate job opportunities for our clients and members who reside in our urban communities both on the local, state, and national level. This will help minimize high unemployment among our youth. I also would like to see everyone under my leadership reach their personal life goals and work directly with their immediate family members. The only thing which is preventing me from moving forward is the lack of manpower and the capital to start my organization and this is why I wrote my book.  It’s my hope that people on my friends list would do their part to help me speed up this process by purchasing my book and reading my story for themselves. If you agree with my plan to improve Urban America then send me your Gmail or Yahoo email address to my facebook inbox or to my Google Plus page so that I can email you an attachment of my book flier. Please print them out and share them with your family, friends, your place of worship, and at your local community center. Encourage your school, your place of worship, and your local community leaders to allow me to come speak so that people can see me in real life. I want to give everyone on my friends list who are working with me a chance to participate in our open auditions when the time comes. I might be able to help pay for your travel expenses and hotel pending on my budget.

Join my social groups and network with my supporters from around the world and keep the lines of communication open with me until I am able to find a legitimate film director or play director who will help me turn my book into a movie/play. I want to make this a meaningful experience I have ran across so many fake people online. I am an authentic urban author and upcoming social entrepreneur.

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