(GRCAM: Fighting For Our Black Inner City Youth)

If black people don’t get involved with black issues and local politics within the community our children will continue to pay the price.  This is more than me trying to sell a book I about blogging about real issues affecting our people across America.  The Ferguson grand jury will decide very soon whether Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown is suspect because it is done in secret  there need to be transparency in this case. The grand jury has reportedly interviewed officer Wilson and, Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic expert who conducted an autopsy on Brown’s body at the request of his family.  Ferguson residents and supporters of Brown is calling for an indictment for Wilson has been one of their primary demands since the shooting.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced that the state’s National Guard is prepared to respond to any violence and unrest following the grand jury decision. “Violence will not be tolerated,” Nixon declared.  There have also been reports of local police and businesses preparing for heightened protests. Stores have boarded their windows, and civil rights groups are holding non-violence training sessions for demonstrators, according to ABC News.  St. Louis County Police have stocked up on tear gas, ammunition, and handcuffs in anticipation of huge protests.  The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly reported despite garnering nationwide criticism for using such gear against protesters in the days following Brown’s death. Finally, Amnesty International  criticized law enforcement’s militarized response to the protests in Ferguson as a human rights abuse. During the protests, police touted military grade weapons armored vehicle, sniper rifles, and tear gas against demonstrators who were peaceful. The question at hand is when will Black America wake?



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