(Help Me Move GRCAM Offline To Our Inner Cities Starting In Chicago)

Those of you who claim that you don’t know me then get to know me by sending me your Gmail address to my facebook inbox.  In turn, I will send you an attachment of my book flier and share with you all of my social groups from various social networks. You are welcome to promote your business, ministry, or network with my supporters from around the world. You can chat live with me in real time on Gmail or on Skype via voice chat or video chat.  The main goal for this conference is for me to answer any questions about my book and my organization.  It’s my hope that with the support of my readers, those in my social groups, and others who follow my blogs will work with me directly in spreading my book information and my vision to improve Urban America so that I can move my virtual organization from behind a PC starting in Chicago.

I seek 30 individuals within the United States who have read my book and are brave enough and smart enough to be on my management team make yourself known to me by sending me your Gmail address!  Those who want to be on my management team must meet the qualifications I am looking for which I explain in my book.  I want every person who have invested in my book to have a chance to participate in our open audition as soon as I am able to find a legitimate film director or play director.  Those who will work with me I will share the limelight and you will go down in history with me.  The time has come for this virtual organization to become a reality for the sake of our youth, our community, and our society.


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