(Wrote My Book To Get My Message Out To The Public)

IF black lives really matters then why am I unable to find 30 people in my city to step forward and work with me in turning my plan into action? If I was just trying to make money I would have written my book 15 years ago.   I am not asking for any donations I am just trying to raise enough funds from the proceeds of my book in order to jump start my organization in my city and also to turn my book into a movie so that my story will go beyond cyberspace and Amazon.com  I have a plan just need 30 qualified individuals to be on my management team so that they can help me run the daily operations of my private for profit service based business to families that want and need our services.

I’ve been on this mission for 23 years I am not looking for opinions or suggestions I am looking for liked minded individuals who are brave enough and smart enough to be on my team we will carry out everything that I have written in my book to the fullest.  I am asking for native Africans in  America who are on my friends list to work with me so that I can  set up chapters in 25 countries in Africa.  My book is the foundation of my organization and everyone will know my story and my vision to help make this world a better place for our youth and for our future generation this is what I want to be remembered for. Work with me while I am alive don’t wait until I am dead to embrace my vision. Real Christian Socialist online
Show and Prove



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