(Special Shout Out To My Supporters)

I would like to thank my readers who have purchased my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition. I appreciate your continuous prayers,  I also thank social networks such as Blogtalkradio, Facebook, Google Plus Hangouts, You Tube, and Amazon.com and Createspace for without your site my book could not reach consumers. But, most of all, I thank GOD for all  that I have, for all that I am able to do, for the spirit of determination within me that has allowed me to continue to spread my vision for 23 years online and offline. What I do, I do in HIS name.

Unlike other authors who write books to gain fame and fortune I want to personally connect with my readers/supporters especially if they agree with my plan to improve Urban America and my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. You can remain anonymous if you like I respect that but for those of you who have a business, ministry, or music and want to get your business name out to the public than consider coming on my Blogtalkradio show. Also consider joining my social groups and promote your business, ministry, or music in social groups or just network with my supporters from around the world.

Generation Y young people who are between the ages of 18 and 30 my organization have a place for you and your generation, help me run GRCAM. I am currently seeking 30 people in the United States who have read my story and agree with my plan to improve Urban America for those persons to make themselves known to me by sending me a friend request on Facebook, Google Plus or on Skype.  I provide detail information in my book what I am looking for and how you can personally contact me.

The Benefits for those who have purchased my book and people who are my group members are as follows:

+ You can promote your business, ministry or just network with my supporters from around the globe

+ You can participate in our open auditions as soon as I am able to find a legitimate film director or play director. You must bring my book during auditions as proof that you purchased my book. I might be able to help pay for your travel expenses and hotel pending on my budget. If you are selected to be in my films or plays then I will discuss compensation with you at that time.

+ Those who work with me directly I will openly reward you by sharing the limelight and you will go down in history with me. When you purchase my book, you:

*Pledge to help end urban violence one community, one city, one state at a time starting in Chicago

*Help me in turning my vision into a reality for positive change in the black community

*Commit to spreading my vision and my book information to others


All I ask for those on my friends list and in my social groups is to purchase my book and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my plan to improve Urban America, you can contact me by sending your Gmail address to my Facebook inbox. In turn I will send you an attachment of my book flier. Please print them out and share them with your family, friends, place of worship, and at your local community center. In addition, I will discuss with you on Google Plus Hangouts about promoting your Business, Ministries, or Music on Blogtalkradio for 10 minutes. I will support those who support me. You can chat live with me during my podcast on my Blogtalkradio by click on my BTR weblink. You can also connect with me on Skype my screen name is manwell4mankind. Real Christian Socialist Online Peace & blessings

My Blogtalkradio Show Link

My Book Link on Amazon.com $22.47 plus tax


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