(New Urban Author With Fresh Swagga Emmanuel Barbee)

My hands are bind because our people are divided on everything from politics, religion, and social class.
First Rahm Emanuel won re-election over Garcia in race for Chicago mayor. Rahm Emanuel received 1.4million dollars from special interest groups. He has not done enough to create jobs in Chicago neighborhoods, in the city’s most impoverished communities. His focus is on creating a tourist attraction in the down town business area. Emanuel made the case to win the black vote that he’s trying to create jobs in our neighborhoods when former African-American mayoral candidate Willie Wilson endorsed his opponent “Chuy” Garcia. Emanuel focus  is on downtown at the expense of our community, that are excluded. The school closings, the red light cameras, and the unequal access for contracting jobs. Still Emanuel received large support from the black community four more years of business as usual when will our people learn?

Another issue which surface in the news is the video of an unarmed black man being killed by a Rogue Cop. Not all police officers are bad cops just not all black men are criminals, gang members, and drug dealers. America is once again dealing with race issues of what is, in fact, a paramilitary occupying force, composed of Rogue Cops operating under the cover of the law. The killing of Mr. Scott exposes not only the savage violence carried out most police in American cities, but also the used to justify these actions. In the three days between the shooting and the release of the video, police and local officials, together with the media, were giving out the standard rationalizations.  No black leader in America has a plan on how to deal with urban violence or police shootings the only thing that do is complain about the issues and cry No Justice No Peace!That is not a plan. My plan to improve Ubran America has been ignored for 23 years all I have is my story and that is what I am selling in order to get my name out to the publlic and my vision to improve Urban America one community, one city,and one state at a time.  Question where are my black middle class professionals? Where is the black church? I am just one man with a plan that needs to be put into action.



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