(New Leadership In Urban America)

As soon as I can gather 30 like minded individuals in my city then I can begin moving forward with my plan to first form our own independent political party at the local level to help me work on the Westside of Chicago and with local residents in creating community rights and creating our own local laws to hold Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist accountable for their actions by getting our laws on the books. Too many so called black intellectuals are not focusing on the  atrocities of unarmed African Americans being killed by Rogue Cops and no sign of social justice for the victims nor for their families.

A deepening of school segregation and a massive resurgence of black activism around police shootings across the country should make our black middle class professionals work with our urban community and step forward to work with me in getting GRCAM started or at lease support me by purchasing my book and reading my plan to improve Urban America. I only want to talk with serious brothers, sisters, and others who are concerned about black issues to connect with me and help me get my book on the best sellers list for the sake of our children and the black community.

Black people are being shot dead in the street almost daily by trigger-happy cops who hide under the phrase I fear for my life which gives them a license to kill a black man or black woman but if the same happens to a four legged dog society would be out rage and those same cops would be put under the jail what kind of message is that? How can I prove myself if no one is listening or supporting me? I want people on my team that know what they are doing. I am just one man with a plan.

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