(The Solution For Black America: GRCAM )

I am tired of sound bites without a real plan from our black leaders in America. I declare war on Willie Lynch within our racial group. For 23 years my plan/vision to improve Urban America has been dismiss and rejected by established black organizations in Chicago. I have no churches in my city willing to work with me I stand alone. Since 2001 over 4,000 people has been killed in my city alone and yet these same black leaders have no plan on how to end urban violence poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the black community. The time has come for my message to be heard loud and clear throughout the United States. I am asking everyone on my friends list and in my social groups to help me get my book on the best sellers list so that I can hire qualified individuals to join my management team so that I can do all of the things which I have written in my book.

Unlike other authors who write books to gain fame and fortune I want to connect with everyone who have purchased my book and agree with my plan to improve urban communities starting in Chicago. How can I prove myself if I am unable to find anyone in my city to work with me in moving my virtual organization from behind a PC? I am not asking for donations all I want you to do is purchase my book on Amazon.com for $22.47 plus tax read my story for yourself. If you agree with my plan/vision to improve Urban America first and then Africa please send me your email address to my Facebook page, or my Google plus page, or my Skype page so that I can send you an attachment of my book information. Print them out and help spread my vision to your family, friends, your school, your place of worship and also at your local community center. Those who reject my plan/vision will never have a place within my organization. I will exclude small minded individuals who only complain about the white man and the social conditions but never do anything to change the problem. I will also exclude criminals, active gang members, and passive spectators on my friends list who only want to be seen. Keep your money, keep your opinion, and keep it moving.


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