(How Many More Black Lives Must Die Before GRCAM Is Given A Chance?)

Again there has been another shooting of unarmed black men killed by law enforcement in the national media.  Don’t you see that no justice no peace is only a feel good slogan it’s not a plan.  Yes Black Lives Matter but once again venting about police brutality will not solve the issue.  All I have is my story and my plan to improve Urban America since I lack the manpower and the capital to move my virtual  organization (GRCAM) from behind a PC. The white man is not stopping you from purchasing my book and reading my story!  It’s not my fault if I am unable to find 30 people in my city to work with me in getting GRCAM started in Chicago.  Don’t wait until I am dead to embrace my vision to improve Urban America and Africa work with me now by reading my story and joining my social groups to promote your business, ministry, poems, and or your music with my supporters from around the world.  If it was up to me GRCAM would have been up and running in 25 cities and in 25 countries in Africa twenty three years ago.  I ‘ve been ready to lead now it’s your turn to do your part by connecting with me and joining this new movement in Black America.  Real Christian Socialist online


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