(Operation Stand Up Chicago: Moving GRCAM From Behind A PC)

Attention progressive blacks and others:

My story deserve to be told for twenty three years of my adult life my plan/vision to improve our urban communities within my city has been ignored by established black organizations. Since 2001 over 4,000 people has been killed in Chicago alone making it the new murder capital in America. Yet none of our black leaders/career politicians in the United States has implemented a plan to end urban violence and police brutality within our community. I’ve been doing my best online and offline to connect with like minded individuals who think outside the box like me. This is why I created my virtual organization (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement.

Stand up Westside Chicago residents in Austin, Garfield Park, and North Lawndale and work with me in getting this organization in your community. Stand up Southside Chicago residents in Bronzeville, Chatham, Englewood, Pullman, Roseland, Southshore, Washington Park, and Woodlawn and work with me in getting this organization in your community. Stand up single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families, for this organization is a resource for you and your children.

You have a voice and you also have a choice to continue electing career politicians who careless about the will of the people they have their own hidden agenda or you can support me a former Westside resident from the Austin community who’s message has been suppressed by black capitalist and the financial elites. All I ask is that you purchase and read my story “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition because I have a plan that will end urban violence, poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the communities and cities we will serve if given a chance.  If Black Lives Matter then read my story and join my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos.

My approach to solving our problems within our urban communities will be multi-faceted. We teach our clients and members how to resolve conflicts peacefully, and create legitimate job opportunities for our youth and middle age residents which will be an alternative to criminal activity. We will also create our own independent political party at the local level that will focus on forming a referendum on current gun laws and educating the community about getting our laws on the books known as Community Rights.

My plan also include creating a private school the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute school of Arts and Entertainment established in Chicago from the proceeds from my revised book and film. We will offer six basic classes ranging from Film Making, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Training, Journalism, Book Writing Workshop, and Financial Literacy.

We will offer internships and give stipends to our students pending on our budget and sponsorship. Our long term goal is to offer a music workshop with an onsite music studio and tutorial service which will include an after school program, adult education program, and a recreational center for our clients, members, and the community. We will work with our clients and members and connect them with resources in order for them to reach their personal life goals and live a more productive life.

We will offer private employment to our clients and members within the organization pending on our budget and sponsorship. In time we will offer a second chance program for ex offenders, former gang members, and the homeless. Those who are business minded we will teach them how to start their own business and work with them until it materialize. GRCAI will expand educational opportunities for our residents; improving access to after school and tutoring programs, vocational training and job training programs, and educating our residents would have a competent and competitive edge in this growing economy.

My plan for safer urban communities is public safety. Real safety does not just belong downtown Chicago it also belongs in poor communities. Everyone deserves to live in a safe neighborhood. We need programs that support families and connect neighbors by building and protecting spaces and opportunities where children can thrive and neighbors can promote fellowship, solve problems, build trust, and heal from Willie Lynch.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will work together with the community to create a collective vision for the communities we will service.  Encourage residents to participate in our programs to reclaim the community as part of a larger effort to improve community safety. We cannot destroy communities and expect them to become safer.

We will teach our clients and members that we are the key to each other’s security and we need to take personal responsibility. We will offer programs to support interventions that empower our community to treat each other with respect and compassion. Our programs and activities are about repair, restitution and healing. We will offer neighborhood-focused plan that establishes clear protocols for helping residents and communities heal from the scars of slavery and also after traumatic events. Those who have committed acts of violence need to be held accountable for their actions. Those who experience violence, crime and trauma will be connected to resources that help them heal, which reduces the probability they will hurt others, or be victimized again.

It’s no coincidence that the neighborhoods with the highest levels of violent crime are also those with double-digit unemployment rates. Job creation and economic development strategies for our neighborhoods are critical to improving neighborhood safety. The problem is there are not enough decent jobs that pay living wages, and many people lack the education or training necessary to secure them. Jobs and educational opportunities are the best crime and violence prevention tools we have.

True community policing remains a proven and effective way to both solve crimes and prevent it. It constitutes a genuine partnership with a neighborhood based on trust built over time between long-term beat officers and residents in the neighborhoods they serve. Communities need police officers to work as allies who reflect and respond to residents’ voices and needs. Broken relationships and trust between police and communities of color need to be repaired. Fair and respectful police practices support equitable public safety policies and allow initiatives that strengthen communities, empower victims, and address offender’s rehabilitative needs. These policies are foundational to reducing crime and increasing safety for all.

Embracing and training for community policing requires a degree of restructuring the police department as well as permitting a great deal of decentralization and autonomy to those officers working with both individuals and organizations in the neighborhoods to which they are assigned. There needs to be a long-term and on-going commitment to Community Policing. We will build on partnering with other community organizations, religious organizations, and investors. We will work with the Police to restore the community trust with law enforcement. Our officers who risk their lives, to serve and protect should and deserve respect as long as they are operating within the law and guidelines of their duties. Please know I am not a career politician, I am a Christian socialist and proud of it.

I am a concern citizen, with a plan now it’s your turn to help me turn my vision into a reality. I am still looking for a legitimate film director and producer to work with me in turning my book into a motion picture hopefully a Block Buster so that I can start my organization on the Westside of Chicago and also on the Southside of Chicago as mentioned in my book. I will give everyone on Facebook and Google Plus who are in my social groups an opportunity to meet me in person on November 10th 2015 at the Harold Washington Library, seating is limited so send me your email address so that I can confirm your seat.

I want to make Chicago a model first before we expand to 25 other cities within 25 states. Once we’re established in 25 states I plan on having Native Africans in America to assist me in setting up chapters in 25 countries in Africa. My book is the foundation of my organization and we will teach all of our clients and members about my vision. GRCAM is about building a strong unified global community and providing basic resources to communities and families that want and need our services. My organization is open to all law abiding citizens, racial groups, and undiscovered artist. This is my contribution back to my community, society and throughout the African Diaspora. Thank you for your time reading my agenda, platform and my plan for the future of our urban communities in America. Real Christian Socialist Online

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