(The Pre-Black Community Empowerment Conference 2016)

I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement on a website called Gopher on November 10th, 1991 because I lack support from established black organizations in my city Chicago. The purpose of GRCAM is to form a collective movement that does away with the many divisions within the black community which is  counterproductive. This process will begin in Chicago first and spread to other cities once we’re established. We can’t continue to wait on government and corporate America to provide jobs in our community we will teach our clients, members, and our students about Black Wall Street. The foundation of any community begins with economic development that is self-supportive. I want to connect with progressive African Americans and others to work with me in turning my plan/vision into reality. Since 2001, over 4000 people has been killed in Chicago alone. Today Chicago is currently the murder capital in America.

The theme for this conference is “Our Children Matters.” The reason why I created this conference is to offer an alternative viewpoint about forming community alliances within the African American Community and beyond. I welcome community residents, educators, civic leaders, researchers, childcare providers, parents, public health professionals, and community practitioners and others who are serious about improving the lives and safety of our children and their families who are trapped in American ghettos by working with me in turning my vision into a reality through collaborative action.

I am not seeking any donations but rather for those of you who can please purchase my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition on Amazon.com If you agree with my plan to improve our inner cities in America then join my social groups and help me get my book on the best sellers list so that I can do all of the things which I have written.

I lack support from the faith community in my former and in my current community. They won’t allow me to pass out fliers after church services, they just give me lip service “Keep up the good work” except one church Living Comfort Ministries a Ghanaian church under Pastor Dzifanu Agbenya. Pastor Dzifanu Agbenya allowed me to speak with his congregation about my vision and to promote my revised book.

Once I generate enough capital from my book sell and my future film then I will start the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute in Chicago. GRCAI will empower local and national unknown Artists, Writers, Poets, Performing Artist, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Singers, Models, and Film Makers. Our students will learn Film Making, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Training, Journalism, Book Writing, and Financial Literacy. We will offer internships and give stipends to our clients, members, and students pending on our budget and sponsorship. In time we will offer a second chance program for ex-offenders, former gang members, and the homeless. This is what I am trying to start in my former community and eventually in 25 other cities within 25 states in America.

In order for me to achieve my goal, I need people in my social groups and Chicago residents to stand up and work with me in getting my revised book on the best seller list by spreading my book information with your family, friends, place of worship, and at your local community center. I want to make Chicago a model first
once we’re established in 25 states I plan on having Native Africans in America to assist me in setting up chapters in 25 countries in Africa. I want to earn creditability in America first before we expand abroad to Africa. Once GRCAM is established in Chicago I will declare war on Willie Lynch within the black culture.

My Book Interview w/Sister Naimah Latif

GRCAM 24th Anniversary Pt.1

My Author Page on Amazon.com


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My Blogtalkradio Show


My Upcoming Film


My Cause (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos)




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