(Breaking The Cycle OF Disunity Within Black America)

On Tuesday evening I visited my former neighborhood Austin at an event called “Black Votes Matter” hosted by a brother name Daniel Jean Jr. I spoke with community leaders, community residents, and passed out my book fliers. This is more then about me selling a book it’s about me connecting with progressive African Americans and others who are concerned about our youth being arrested and labeled as criminals for life. My organization will work to end the school to prison pipeline through meaningful, interventions which will set our at risk youth on the right path to success. Nowadays, our criminal justice system is more committed to locking up nonviolent offenders than keeping our urban communities safe. In my book I provide evidence and truth to those who are serious about solving our inner city issues in Chicago if given a chance.

I don’t mind stepping up to put my plan into ACTION. I’m against begging local  government, or begging fake black people who careless about our children or those who hate me. My focus is on networking with others who think outside the box like me. It take capital to start a business and since I lack the manpower my focus is on getting my message out. This is why I wrote my vision and made it plain in my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition on Amazon.com

I have more than enough people in my social groups and on my friends list to have my book on the best sellers list by the summer of this year but due to this Willie Lynch within our culture “I got mine you get yours” mentality it have not manifest as of yet. This is why my organization is private to exclude people who careless about my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. My book is my pledge to the inner cities of America that want to utilize our programs and services this is my calling.
The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement was created to help inform urban communities. I been ready to move my virtual organization from behind a computer. GRCAM will propose and implement community guidelines to help keep the community safe. GRCAM will help organize low-income families with social, political and economic development. GRCAM will use three interconnected strategies to build power, win campaigns and fuel a lasting movement for social change:

1. Base Building: To build cooperative alliances within and beyond our communities. Members are the strength of this organization and will make campaign and organization decisions.

2. Direct Action Organizing.

3. Teach Political education.

4. Contributing to efforts to build a larger movement for social justice.

My revised book is the foundation of this organization and we will teach our clients and members to become dedicated to our community issues. Once I generate enough capital from my book sell and my future film then I will start the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute in Chicago. GRCAI will empower local and national Actors, Actresses, Artists, Comedians, Fashion Designers, Film Makers, Models, Musicians, Performing Artist, Poets, Singers, and Writers.

Our students will learn Film Making, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Training, Journalism, Book Writing, and Financial Literacy. We will offer internships and give stipends to our students and offer private employment within the organization to our clients and members based on our budget and sponsorship. In time we will offer a second chance program for ex-offenders, former gang members, and the homeless. This is what I am trying to do in my former community and in the city of Chicago. Once GRCAI is established in Chicago I will declare war on Willie Lynch within the black culture. GRCAM members will become more committed to doing more in the community we serve. We want to improve not only our members’ but everyone who are apart of this new movement. Our out reach program, H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everywhere) is one example of how GRCAM will work together to help the community.

My pledge to the inner cities of Chicago is that no one under my leadership will ever have to endure such humiliation and rejection just for trying to do something positive in the black community. I will do everything which I have written in my revised book as soon as my organization is established in Chicago. For 24 years established black organizations in my city have overlook my plan to improve our urban communities as a result Chicago is currently the murder capital in America. Since 2001, over 4000 people has been killed in Chicago alone. We see that nothing out there is working to end the blood shed why not embrace my plan?
Even without watching the news, one can not help but notice the racial tensions that are steadily rising across America. In 2016, black men are still looked upon  as criminals. Our society has criminalized black men to the point of damnation. It seems, there is a new story of a black man being gunned down either by police or by urban terrorist in cold blood. The frequent funerals and memorial services for those slain by bullets, whether stray or intentional. Far too often are conflicts resolved by extreme violence. How can we evoke change within our own community? How can we introspectively change our perception of self so that we value each other’s lives as much as we value our own? These are the questions I asked in my free online event the Black Community Empowerment Conference.

We must work together to not only discuss black issues  but also seek to solve them and this is what I am trying to do starting in Chicago. This event is coming to an end but I will offer future events on Skype. Just send me a friend request my screen name is manwell4mankind. Monday through Friday from 7:00PM to 11:00PM Central Time. The time may vary pending on how many people participate. Most of all help me get my revised book on the best seller list by sharing my book information with your family, friends, place of worship, and at your local community center so that I can be in a better position to do all of the things which I have written and hire qualified people to be on my staff team.

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