(Talk To Me Black America Online Conference)

My question to Black America how many more children like Tyshawn Lee have to die before Black America embrace my bold plan to improve our inner cities in America? Since 2001, over 4000 people has been killed in Chicago alone and as a result Chicago is currently the murder capital in America. We see that nothing is working to end the blood shed why not embrace my plan?

It’s unacceptable that I have a plan to help improve our inner cities but because I am not affiliated with the political machine in Chicago my ideas are overlooked.
Chicago politics are infamous for cronyism and corruption. I don’t want to be apart of that so I decided to turned to social media. For 24 years I have been speaking out against urban violence in Chicago war torn communities online and offline yet I have been getting little support for my effort from the African American community in my city.

The dirty looks, humiliation, and the rejection about what I am trying to do have not deterred me from my calling Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. But glory to God for the internet in the digital age and this is why I wrote my story and this is why my organization is private. My pledge to the inner cities of Chicago is that no one under my leadership will ever have to endure such humiliation and rejection for trying to do something positive in the black community.

I am hosting another free online conference on April 12th,2016 from 5:00PM to 12:00AM Central Time on Google+ Hangouts and Skype. The purpose of this conference is for me to connect with Christian Entrepreneurs & Christian Film Makers who will purchase my revised book and work with me in moving my virtual organization (the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement) from behind a computer screen. I welcome all Christian denominations in the faith, moderate Muslims, and secular people who want to be apart of this new movement in Black America. Those of you who are serious about connecting with me live in real time via voice chat or video chat, I suggest that you create a free Google account and or create a free Skype account. Then send me your email address to my Facebook inbox or send me a friend request on Skype my screen name is manwell4mankind. My book is just the beginning.



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