(The Black Vote For 2016)

The general presidential election is just seven months away, voters have more than the Oval Office to consider about 480 congressional seats are available. Black voters are in position to have some influence in this election. In my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition I discuss the main issues facing African Americans in chapters four through six they are as follows: Unemployment, Police Misconduct, Mass Incarceration, Education and Home Ownership.


The unemployment rate for African Americans is 9.2 percent, more than twice that of the 4.4 percent rate for White Americans. Unemployment for African Americans today is almost as high as the national rate was during the recession. I recommend that black voters should vote for candidates who support job creation proposals which include training programs and those who favors fair workweek policies.

Police Misconduct

The black community has suffered disproportionately from racial profiling and police brutality for decades. For example, Jon Graham Burge is a convicted felon and former Chicago Police Department detective and commander who gained notoriety for torturing more than 200 criminal suspects between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions. Allegations were made about the methods of Burge and those under his command. The most controversial arrests began in February 1982, in the midst of a series of shootings of Chicago law enforcement officials in Police Area 2, whose detective squad Burge commanded.

Some of the people who confessed to murder were later granted new trials and a few were acquitted or pardoned. Burge was acquitted of police brutality charges in 1989 after a first trial resulted in a hung jury. He was suspended from the Chicago Police Department in 1991 and fired in 1993 after the Police Department Review Board ruled that he had used torture. In October 2008, Patrick Fitzgerald had Burge arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury in relation to a civil suit regarding the torture allegations against him. On April 1, 2010, Judge Joan Lefkow postponed the trial, for the fourth time, Burge was convicted on all counts on June 28, 2010. Surface solutions like body cameras aren’t enough black voters must elect lawmakers who will fight for real systemic change, such as increased community¬† oversight, police accountability, sensitivity training and comprehensive data collection.

Mass Incarceration

The North America incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. America has just 5 percent of the world’s population but incarcerates 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. African Americans are imprisoned at higher rates, and studies show that as many as one in three black men can expect to go to prison in there lifetime. One way we can reduce the prison population is through alternatives to incarceration, such as diversion programs and addiction treatment.

Ex offenders also need support programs such as re-entry assistance and employment opportunities to give them a chance to rebuild their lives. For example, in the state of California Proposition 47 helped reduced the state’s inmate population by reclassifying a number of nonviolent property and drug crimes as misdemeanors rather than felonies. I recommend that black voters should support policies which reinvest back to the community. Do research on your local district attorney and also on your judicial candidates don’t just rely on TV ads.


More than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, American’s educational system is still separate and unequal. Studies have shown that minority schools receive less funding than non-minority schools. Black students are more likely than White students to have access to quality programs. I recommend that black voters select candidates who advocate for disciplinary reform, access to resources and evidence based programs, and alternative funding formulas.

Home Ownership

The financial crisis of 2007 have had harmful effects on black homeowners. I recommend that black voters select candidates who support policies which will provide assistance for those seeking to purchase a home; offer a path to alleviate the financial burden; regulate discriminatory and unfair mortgage lending.

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