(24 Years Black America Has Ignored My Message When Will Our People Wake UP?)

You notice the mainstream media will jump at negative stories about racial issues I reached out to the Chicago Tribune, the Suntimes, and even the black press but they would not dare interview me about my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition. Because negative stories sell and help their ratings. It’s up to black people to work with me in getting the positive exposure I need to bring forth the solution I provided in detail to the public and turning my ideas into reality. Marching and protesting worked in the past for our grandparents during the Civil Rights era. Our people nowadays are divided based on social class, religion, and political affiliation due in part by the financial elites after passing the Civil Rights legislation. Our children deserve better then this I’ve done everything within my power to explain my plan to help improve our inner cities starting in Chicago now the ball is in your court I don’t have another 24 years to waste explaining myself to people that don’t care about my plan/vision.

If you are unable to afford my book there are other ways you can help me speed up the process in moving my virtual organization from behind a computer.

1. You can read all of my blog post on here or on my linkedin page and encourage your friends to do so.

2. You could make Youtube videos to encourage your WordPress friends to read my story.

3. You could share my information with your spiritual leader and see if they would allow me to speak at your place of worship or at your community center. My vision is global and not just limited to Black America my plan for Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands. I’ve been ready to lead this movement just want qualified people on my management team to be in place first. Peace over violence


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