(GRCAM Is The Solution For Black America And I Can Prove It If Given A Chance)

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement demand that Homan Square be defunded and it’s resources be reinvested into the North Lawndale community. GRCAM stand in solidarity with the family of Pierre Loury as they demand the police report of his murder be released while also demanding accountability for police violence committed against people of color. GRCAM demand the #BlueLivesMatter ordinance, an ordinance that would make speaking out against police and other first responders a hate crime, be rescinded. Demanding justice is not a hate crime. Why does the mayor close failing school districts but not close failing police departments?

Last week I seen a commercial on Bounce TV, #Call Justice 4 peace calling on the Department of Justice to tie federal funding for local police departments on de-escalation training for officers. The fact is that the Department of Justice and President Obama has failed us this approach still does not address holding Rogue Cops accountable for their actions. Even at President Obama Town Hall Meeting fail to mention removing Rogue Cops from the police departments so how in the world can their be trust between the black community if no one is address this issue?

I still look at the Eric Garner case how his constitutional rights were violated by officer Daniel Pantaleo who put Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold. Eric Garner repeated “I can’t breathe” eleven times on video before he died. The Richmond County grand jury decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Police brutality is now a modern day lynching an unnatural death publicly witnessed through a cellphone videos. Because of racism, a black man is viewed as a potential criminal who must be feared and dealt with Therefore, Eric Garner was dealt with by death by officer Daniel Pantaleo who did not see his humanity.

Most people respond to the unnatural deaths of African Americans at the hands of police with peaceful protest. Racism is a poison that corrodes every aspect of our society. Which is one of the reasons why I wrote my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition. I believe we as black people must fight against racism on all fronts, including among the police both for our protection as African Americans and theirs.

Even in my book I mention better training is needed but also accountable for police officers actions. As I mentioned in the book we must start our own independent political party at the local level and educate the community about getting our community rights turned into laws on the books through our districts and demand social and judicial changes. We want to create a good relationship with police officers who sacrifice themselves to keeps us safe but both the black community and the police department must weed out the bad people hiding among them by breaking that code of silence in the black community and within the police department.

The federal government supplies equipment, training and funds to local police departments as part of the effort to fight the war on terror. Arming Rogue Cops who have subconscious and conscious biases towards blacks and setting them loose on communities of color is irresponsible, and the Department of Justice should take the lead on demanding that implicit bias and de-escalation training be part and parcel of any funding that local police departments receive. Demand that better training on implicit bias and de-escalation are tied to federal grants and funding for law enforcement.

If we can train our police to confront the biases and fears they have about black people, and to start seeing African Americans as individuals, as human beings, maybe we can start confronting our own fears and biases as a nation. If we can train police officers to assess situations and attempt to de-escalate first, only relying on their weapons as a last resort, instead of as a first response, maybe we can prevent more unnecessary killings at the hands of those who vowed to protect and serve.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement stand against police brutality, injustice, Rogue Cops, Urban Terrorist, and Harden Criminals. GRCAM is about building a strong unified global community and providing basic resources to families that want to utilize our programs and services. Bias is form when, on a subconscious level, a person hold certain beliefs or stereotypes that are part of our society. These are the notions that all blacks are criminals, immoral, and dangerous that are fed to us from the media, circle of friends, and in our homes.

I am asking everyone on my friends list and those in my social groups to read my story for yourself if you agree with my plan to improve our inner cities then work with me in turning my vision into a reality by sharing my book information with your family, friends, place of worship, and also at your local community center this would help speed up the process. I don’t have another 24 years to waste talking to people that are closed minded individuals. We already see that nothing currently out there is working to solve urban violence, poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the black community why not give my ideas a chance? It’s time to stop talking about ending police brutality and to actually start taking the practical steps necessary to cure our society of its disease.

My goal is to turn my virtual organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement into a real business and help save lives in our inner cities starting in Chicago. Once I have my management team in place we will promote restorative justice, quality education, affordable housing, arts and craft, nutrition, substance abuse treatment, and economic development within the black community if Black America really want it.

In closing, Nelson Mandela said “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Peace over violence

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