(My Facebook Webinar Real Life Real) Talk: Bridging The Gap Between African Americans and African Immigrants and Native Africans

I’m holding another Free Webinar on Facebook on September 4th 2016 from 8:00PM to 2:30AM Central Time. We can do voice chat or video chat in the convenience and privacy of your home. I want to give everyone on my friends list and those in my social groups within America and those who live abroad to have an opportunity to speak with me.

The Purpose:

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss my latest blog post entitled Bridging The Gap Between African Americans and African Immigrants and Native Africans. I created GRCAM which is all of my social groups as a place where like minded individuals within the United States and abroad for people of all walks of life can gather in unison to fight for equality and social justice and for us to be on one accord.

Black Americans use to have a sense of togetherness from the Reconstruction Era through the Civil Rights Era. Nowadays our people have become so Americanized and divided we can’t agree on anything let alone taking about liberating Africa coming from the Marcus Garvey Movement. I never seen any African American organizations helping poor Native Africans on the African continent. This Willie Lynch mentality is not limited to just African Americans but also Native Africans who dislike other Native Africans.

For 24 years I’ve been doing my best to find 30 qualified people in my city and online to join my management team yet still to this day I have no one on management team. Through my Youtube videos, my Social Groups, my Blog Postings, my Blogtalkradio, my Free Webinars on Facebook, Google Plus and Skype. The only thing which is preventing me from turning my virtual organization GRCAM into a real business is the lack of manpower and the capital. This is why I continue to promote my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition available on Amazon.com Although my Christian organization is not established as of yet I have a global audience through the internet thank you Jesus!

My Facebook Book Page (Facebook Webinar)



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