(GRCAM Is About Uniting Black Culture)

I am not interested in having black celebrities in joining my cause Help Stop The Genocide In Americans Ghettos because they alright know what’s going on within our inner cities which is displayed by main stream media, but instead they turn a blind eye. Black celebrities like Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey has the means to invest in our inner-cities like Chicago but instead their focus is on relocating to Hollywood to live it up with the rich and famous while our inner-city youth are abandon and left to die by urban violence. Former President Obama knew what was going on in Chicago, but instead his focus was on advancing the gay agenda, protecting Illegal Immigrants, and preserving his legacy.

I like him I voted for him twice but as I mentioned in my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition this tit for tat Democrat/Republican does not represent a true democracy because the financial elites created both political parties and the electoral college as an illusion that the American people have a choice to pick their political leaders. According to the Greek philosopher “ A democracy exists whenever those, who are free and poor are in sovereign control of the government, an oligarchy is when control lies in the hands of the rich and born.”

GRCAM is a virtual Christian socialist organization. Christian socialism is a form of socialism based on the teachings of Jesus. We believe capitalism is idolatrous and rooted in greed, which some Christian denominations consider a mortal sin. The cause of social inequality is due to capitalism. We will focus on what we stand for: love, compassion, social justice, and liberation theology. Jesus commanded us to be a witness to others not just for us to read his word, but to activate social change in the world according to Luke 4:18-19. GRCAM will be committed to the healing ministry of Jesus by showing compassion to inner city youth and their families which will promote dignity to the people and community we will serve.

I provide an in depth 21st century strategy about what my organization will do to help end urban violence while improving our inner cities in America starting in Chicago. I want to make Chicago a model first before we expand to 10 other cities within 10 states. My vision goes beyond Black America once we’re established in 10 cities I plan on having African Immigrants in America to assist me in setting up chapters in 10 countries in Africa.

The only thing which is preventing me from starting the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is the lack of manpower and the capital this is why I keep re-emphasizing my revised book. I’m still looking for progressive African Americans, African Immigrants, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Caribbean, Non-black sympathizers as well as all Christian denominations, moderate Muslims, and secular people who are interested in joining this new movement.

This year 2017, my focus is on recruiting 10 individuals within the United States who have read my story and meet the qualifications I am looking for which are as follows: Investors, Business Partners, Christian Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, and Philanthropist, who will work with me in starting my nonprofit and my for profit Christian organization as mentioned in my revised book.

If everyone on my friends list and people in my social groups would read my story or share my book information with their family, friends, places of worship, and also at their local community centers this could help speed up the process for me to generate enough capital to hire qualified people to assist me with the daily operations of my organization. I can’t do everything I’m just one black man with a plan. Our community will be built on values of faith, community service, stewardship and growth with friendship at the center of everything we do.

GRCAM is about making our urban community better, healthier, and stronger. GRCAM is also about building a strong unified global community and providing basic resources to families that want to utilize our programs and services. GRCAM is open to all ordinary law abiding citizens, all racial groups, and undiscovered artist. This is my contribution back to my community, society and throughout the African Diaspora.


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