(Come On Black People: We Can Do Better Than This)

If you don’t know me then get to know me by participating in my free online weekly events on my blogtalkradio show Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. Those who are serious about meeting me in person at the Harold Washington Library located at 400 South State Street Chicago, Illinois just send me your email address to my Facebook inbox, Google inbox, LinkedIn inbox in order for me to make arrangements with you and others to meet me in person. I’m working with a shoe string budget so I am unable to travel around the county like most authors because my book is barely selling.
What makes my story different from other African American stories?

In my revised book I offer a 21st century strategy about what my organization will do to help end urban violence while at the same time improve our inner cities in America starting in Chicago. My organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is based on my personal experience and my faith in my creator. The church is supposed to help the poor according to (Matthew 25:35-45). I offer a vision similar to Nehemiah who was ordered by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. I am called to rebuild the inner cities in America as well as expand my vision to help improve the slums in Africa.
We are in the process of becoming a church this is part of the vision reaching the world with our artistic gifts and talents. As persons with so many different kinds of talents we will stand out different from anything else on earth as we lead souls to Christ We will be unique. You don’t have to be a Christian to be apart of this movement all I ask is that you read my story and if you agree with my plan then help me turn my vision into reality.

I am asking every person on my friends list and people in my social groups to stand up and work with me and Sister Rena by purchasing my revised book and sharing my book information with your family, friends, places of worship, and also at your local community center. The only thing which is preventing me from starting my Christian organization is the lack of manpower and the capital this is why I turned to social media to get my message out to the public through my Youtube videos, my Social Groups, my Blog Postings, my blogtalkradio show, and now my revised book. I’m only one black man with a plan. Without the support from the black community the situation will get worse Lord have mercy on my racial group.

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The foundation of my organization is my revised book The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America second edition (2012) is a nonfiction book by American author Emmanuel Barbee. Emmanuel provides a detailed story of his life and the hardships he experienced growing up within the inner cities of Chicago, gang violence, racial profiling, class differences, peer pressure and issues of gentrification.

His story presents a dark side in American society. His book mentions that children as young as eight years old are already engaged in violence, gang membership, and drug dealing. There are several points that are useful in understanding the social condition in Urban American. First, his book explores the causes of domestic violence. Emmanuel points out that young people are robbed of their innocence by living in a negative environment. The children attitudes are shaped by the violence that they encounter everyday and the kind of life they are born into “social class.” Committing violent acts is use to maintain survival.

Secondly, his story presents the idea that children could succeed if given a chance. Emmanuel exemplifies this by excelling in school when given the chance to study. His story also reveals gross violations of human rights, depriving most of the youths of chances of successful futures. The city officials who are supposed to represent the people are the main ones who are corrupted the budget intended for the betterment of every citizen including the poor citizens in underserved communities. The Chicago Housing Authority personnel are depicted as responsible for the horrendous living conditions in public housing. This book helps the public understand the need for community investment and this is what Emmanuel Barbee has been trying to get the African American community to understand his plan for the past twenty years.

Emmanuel created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to share ideas and focus is on strengthening the black family while addressing social issues such as ending urban violence, social injustice, poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the communities and cities we will serve if given a chance. For 25 years established black organizations in my city have rejected my ideas about improving our inner cities in Chicago as a result since 2001, over 4,000 people has been killed in Chicago alone making it the current murder capital in America. If Black Lives Matter then black people should embrace my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos and work with me and Sister Rena so that we can start GRCAM in the city of Chicago.

Once we’re established in Chicago GRCAM will become The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute. We will offer private employment to our clients and members based on our budget and sponsorship. In time we will offer a second chance program for ex-offenders, former gang members, and homeless individuals. It’s my hope to make Chicago a model first before we expand to 10 other cities within 10 states. I also want to build alliances with African Immigrants, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Caribbean, Non-black sympathizers as well as all Christian denominations, moderate Muslims, and secular people who are interested in working with me in turning my vision into a reality. I also hope that GRCAM will become the Hub in the Midwest for emerging artists and upcoming black entrepreneurs. Once we’re established in America I plan on having African Immigrants in America to assist me in setting up chapters in 10 countries in Africa.

GRCAM is private in order for me to weed out people who don’t care about our inner-city youth, their families, or the black community. No harden criminals, No active gang members, No urban terrorist, No pedofiles, and no half steppers allowed in my organization this is how I get down. GRCAM is open to all ordinary law abiding citizens, all racial groups, and undiscovered artist. This is my contribution back to my community, society and throughout the African Diaspora.

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