(GRCAM vs. McDonalds)

I’m not interested in running for public office instead my focus is on finding other like minded individuals who think outside the box like me. I am looking for a few brave and smart people who will join my management team 10 individuals within the United States who have read my story “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition and meet the qualifications that I am looking for which is as follows: Investors, Business Partners, Christian Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, and Philanthropist, who will work with me in setting up and starting my nonprofit and my for profit Christian business. Then I will move my virtual Christian organization from behind a PC starting in Chicago.

GRCAM is for the working class and so called underclass we also want to include professionals from the middle class to join us so that we can provide quality jobs, programs, and services within urban communities instead of waiting on career politicians to decide to do the right thing. Instead of workers protesting major corporations for higher wages if that same energy was use to work with me in getting GRCAM started in Chicago and in 10 other cities we could make a real impact in our society. Those wage increases will not take place under President Trump.

America has become the wicked empire that we have long fought against in time past. The world economy under capitalism have created new forms of economic slavery, outsourcing jobs, gutting the voters rights act, cuts to social security, creating a multi-billion dollar prison industrial complex has transformed the face of America. We have become the very thing we fought against, an oppressor of nations around the world for capital gain, a nation which taxes it’s citizens without giving them the proper economic protection for the common man/woman and the disrespect of African Americans and other racial groups. America has become an oppressor of the poor living in the United States.

America claim to be founded on freedom and justice for all through its economic gains through slavery, separate but equal laws and civil and human rights violation has brought great suffering on the back of African Americans living in the United States. Since World War II, America has changes amending the Constitution of the United States to insure equal and just treatment of all Americans; Yet, even until this day the blood of black Americans fill America’s streets and our black sons fill the prison system nationwide, showing that African Americans are still not totally free.

In the Fight for $15, movement unions are helping to organize on a community level, a group of workers who are on the fringe of the economy. It’s not about union members protecting themselves. It’s about moving other people up. This is the whole civil rights movement all over again. For example, the Fight for $15 an hour involves child care, home healthcare, airport, gas station, convenience store, and fast food workers striking for increased pay and the right to form a union with their employers.

On November 29, 2012, over 100 fast-food workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut walked off their jobs in New York City, to strike for higher wages, better working conditions and the right to form a union without retaliation from their managers. Many workers were making the minimum wage at the time. However, many allegedly were making, and are currently making, less than the minimum wage due to wage theft on the part of their employers. Earning less than a living wage has forced many fast-food workers to have multiple jobs, obtain food stamps and other forms of government assistance, in order to afford basic food, shelter and clothing.

On April 4, 2013 the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Memphis Sanitation Strike more than 200 fast-food workers went on strike in New York City. Hundreds of other workers went on strike in Chicago on April 24, in Detroit on May 10, in St. Louis on May 9 and May 10, in Milwaukee on May 15 and in Seattle on May 30. On July 29, approximately 2,200 workers went on strike in all of the cities where fast-food workers had previously gone on strike with the addition of Flint, Michigan and Kansas City, Missouri. On December 6, 2013, further fast food strikes occurred nationwide in a campaign aimed at raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

On September 4, 2014, another national strike took place in more than 150 cities, but this time thousands of Home care workers joined the fast food workers. In another departure from previous protests, organizers shifted tactics and encouraged acts of civil disobedience such as sit ins to further draw attention to their cause. Between 159 and 436 arrests were made. Striking fast food workers from Ferguson, Missouri were arrested in Times Square, New York City, in solidarity with workers there nearly a month after the police Shooting of Michael Brown. Chants of “15 and a union” were accompanied by “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe.” Kendall Fells, organizing director for Fast Food Forward, claimed the strikes were “fights against injustice in the U.S.”

On April 15, 2015, tens of thousands of fast food workers in more than 200 cities took to the streets again in what labor organizers have described as the largest protest by low-wage workers in US history. In their campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, labor activists and fast food workers were joined by home care assistants, Walmart workers, child-care aides, airport workers, Adjunct professors and others who work low-wage jobs.


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