(My Virtual Christian Organization GRCAM Is Based On My Revised Book)

The only thing which is preventing me from starting my Christian organization is the lack of manpower and the capital this is why I am on social media to get my message out to the public through my Youtube videos, my Social Groups, my Blog Postings, my online talkshow, and now through my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition which is available on Amazon for $15.00 plus shipping and handling also it’s available as an ebook for $9.99

My revised book is the foundation of my Christian organization. In my book I provide a 21st century plan on how my Christian organization will help eradicate urban violence in Chicago under-served communities while at the same time meet the social needs of the communities and families we will serve if given a chance.

Get Involved:

The first step is by purchasing my revised book and reading my story. Please share this podcast and my book information with your family, friends, places of worship and also at your local community center this will help speed up the process for me to turn my vision into a reality. My book is my credibility and the foundation of my organization.

I am looking for entertainers, educators, and volunteers to help spread the word about my revised book and my future Christian business. Just text me your email address to my Facebook inbox and I will email you specific information about my virtual Christian organization GRCAM, information about my revised book and the link to my author page and information about being in my future urban Christian film.


If you are you an artist, entertainer, designer, musician, vocalist, poet or inspirational speaker please send me your email address to my Facebook inbox. We need creative and inspirational people to appear at our live events in Chicago. If you have inspirational words that will engage and captivate an audience, please send me your email address to my Facebook inbox.


Do you have relevant information for the black community? We are looking for great instructors to assist us during our mandatory orientation that our attendees can learn and build upon. Our educators will be patient, informative, and passionate about solving the social issues in our community. Please send me your email address to my Facebook inbox.


We are looking for hands-on individuals to assist us with passing out my book fliers and recruiting others to join our cause. If interested please send me your email address to my Facebook inbox.


My Amazon Author Page


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