(Getting Ready For The Online Exodus)

Together, we can make history in our inner cities starting in Chicago. I’m asking all of my Christian friends to pray that my revised book would be on the best sellers list by mid 2018.

Once I generate enough capital from my book sell then I will recruit and hire 30 qualified individuals within the United States to assist me with the daily operation of my Christian business the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago.

All I ask is that everyone on my friends list and everyone in my social groups to please purchase my book and read my story. Also participate in my upcoming online talkshow. If your device is not compatible then leave a comment don’t expect me to support you financially if you are not working with me to encourage others to participate.

I’m giving people in my groups an opportunity to network and promote your products & services. Those of you who remain passive spectators will not be apart of my business I will only support those who support me. Thank you all for your cooperation. Peace & Blessings

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